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What are enzymes?  
Enzymes are found in every cell of every living plant and animal, including humans. Enzymes are biocatalysts; which means that they either begin a reaction or cause a reaction to speed up. Without enzymes life would not exist.  
How do enzymes work?  
Enzymes work by virtue of their shape. An enzyme molecule can be compared, in shape at least, to many short strings of pearls (amino acids) strung together. This long string folds in on itself as certain sequences of amino acids (pearls) are more attracted to each other than to other sequences, thus giving the enzymes a specific shape. 
At one point on the surface of this string of pearls there exists something, which looks like a keyhole. This is called the "active site" on the enzyme. When matched with its specific coenzyme (a vitamin, mineral, or trace element) this "lock" has the exact inverse contour of the "key" which is contained in the molecule of the enzyme's "substrate" (the molecule that the enzyme wants to transform into a different molecule). When the substrate appears, it inserts the "key" into the "lock." The molecular structure of the substrate is transformed into a different molecular structure and both enzyme and the newly transformed molecule go on their merry ways.  
What is a digestive enzyme?  
A digestive enzyme breaks down the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food during the digestive process allowing the body to better utilize the food you eat. 
What is a proteolytic enzyme?  
The proteolytic enzyme digests protein. Some examples of proteolytic enzymes are protease, serrapeptase, bromelain, and papain.  
What is a lipase enzyme?  
Lipase enzymes digest fat.  
What is an amylase enzyme?  
Amylase enzymes digest carbohydrates.  
What is systemic enzyme therapy?  
Systemic enzyme therapy is utilizing enzyme supplementation to increase the enzymes throughout your body to assist in restoring the body to health  
What else are enzymes used for?  
Enzymes are widely used in the food industry. Enzymes are also essential in the manufacture of beer.  
Are enzymes considered "anti-inflammatory drugs"?  
Proteolytic Enzymes are considered anti-inflammatory agents.  
What is the recommended dosage of Vitälzym?  
The recommended dosage to be taken at least 45 minutes prior to or after meals is 3 capsules, once a day. However, since each individual is different, a higher or lower dosage may be appropriate for each individual. It is important to understand each person's "activation" dosage. See the information from Dr. Wong on the activation dosage.  
How long before the Vitälzym takes effect?  
It may depend on the individual's physiological make-up. Everyone is different. Testimonials from some of our customers reported positive effects ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks. Taking the right activation dosage is critical to the success of the product.  
What claims do you make about the effectiveness of Vitälzym?  
The FDA does not allow the nutraceutical industry to make claims about their products without scientific studies being performed that substantiate the claims. Our customers can share their experience with the product but World Nutrition does not make specific claims.  
Are there any side effects at all with your product?  
We currently have no documented evidence of any adverse side effects based on the use of Vitälzym. You should not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants, commonly known as blood thinners. .  
Are there any compatibility issues with other nutraceuticals?  
No. In fact, since vitamins are coenzymes and minerals are cofactors to enzymes, enzymes are needed in the body for them to be able to have their full effect. In addition, the vitamins and minerals assist the enzymes. Thus, systemic enzyme use enhances the effect of other supplementation programs.  
Are there any compatibility issues with any prescribed drugs?  
Yes. Customers using anti-coagulants, or blood thinners, should not use Vitälzym without the consent of their physician. The enzymes enhance the effects of the blood thinning medications making them stronger.  
Why do you call Vitälzym a vegetarian product?  
The enzymes used in Vitälzym are plant derived with no animal products. This allows everyone, including strict vegetarians, to take Vitälzym. Some enzyme products use ingredients that are derived from bovine (cows)  
How does World Nutrition grow their enzymes? Is the process ecologically safe? Does the process use any chemicals?  
The enzymes in Vitalzym come from two sources; the fruit enzymes along with the Amla and Rutin are from fruit grown in organic plantations, and the protease and serrapeptase are lab grown in a protein (fungus) medium. The enzymes are then extracted from the medium so that not a trace of fungus is left on the enzyme and the purity is assured. 
What is serrapeptase and where does it come from?  
Serrapeptase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme. In Japan, Takada sells serrapeptase as a registered anti-inflammatory medicine under the product name Dazen. Serrapeptase is laboratory grown  
Does weather affect your product?  
Exposure to heat over 150º for an extended period of time can destroy the enzymes. Store your Vitälzym in a cool, dry place, with the lid of the bottle tightly closed.  
How is Vitälzym shipped to me?  
We ship our product via UPS and USPS.  
Where is Vitälzym made?  
World Nutrition uses ingredients from the purest sources. Vitälzym is manufactured at World Nutrition's facility in Phoenix, AZ.  
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